Sunday, June 1, 2014

from the window | early morning garden

As the sun rises on the garden...Happy June! I cannot believe it is June. The garden is starting to blossom into vibrant oasis of color and smells. This is pretty amazing considering our May was a combination of never-ending rain and pretty cold temperatures...there was even some frost last night! 

But, I am so incredibly thrilled to kick off June with an early morning coffee stroll through the garden. There is something about the sun's light, when it is just starting to kiss the plants hello that is so beckoning,  I had to grab my camera to capture some of the awakenings.


jeansgarden said...

Happy June, Allison. Isn't it wonderful to feel warm sunshine and see flowers opening? Today, I got the deck furniture out; tomorrow I hope to eat breakfast and lunch out there. Here's hoping we get the summer we deserve to compensate for that endless winter and cold, wet spring. -Jean

Granny Annie said...

Our neighbors plant their "tasty" garden on our property and in exchange provide me some of the bounty. Yesterday they brought me an armload of swiss chard, squash and onions. That makes a pretty garden too:) Yours is gorgeous as always.

Felicity said...

New life bursting forth is such a wondrous thing and you've captured it beautifully.
I know that in your pocket of the world, the seasons are starting to turn cooler and I'd love to see the glory of the colours as the leaves start to fall.
Happy day (from a long way away) xx

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