Tuesday, March 4, 2014

daily photo | seedlings germinate

Happy March!...March, the month of Spring—however figuratively we must take that notion. Though it does feel like we are on the downhill slide of winter as our freshly-sown trays of seeds have been germinating into happy signs of veggies to come. The grow shelves and lighting are up and already house several flats of onions, shallots, leeks and herbs. We sowed flats of everything from broccoli and Brussels sprouts to peppers and tomatoes this past weekend, so even though it is in the single digits outside, we're thinking Spring! Hope you are too!


Granny Annie said...

I am thinking nothing else. Spring is all I want at this time. The word "cold" is the most awful word in the English language right now.

I have been meaning to ask you if you cut your banana peelings in small pieces to give you chickens. Mine consider that a real treat and I keep forgetting to ask.

a tasteful garden said...

I never thought of giving our hens banana peels! What a fabulous idea given the vast amount of bananas we go through in our house. I'm going to try that this weekend! Thanks so much for the tip :)

jeansgarden said...

One of the reminders that spring is coming is the strength of the sun's rays at this time of year. Even on days when it doesn't get up above freezing, the sunshine is strong enough to melt snow off the roof. The sound of that constant dripping is a happy sound, the sound of hope. -Jean

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