Saturday, January 28, 2012

daily photo | pink wax flower

january 28, 2012 | in fond memory of our beautiful hen Delilah


jpotuchek said...

Allison, I'm sorry to hear that you've lost a hen; you've certainly chosen a beautiful photo to remember her by.

I don't know if you've seen the Versatile Blogger award going around (or perhaps have already been so honored). Anyway, I've named you as one of my "versatile bloggers." You can learn more here:

No Pressure on this; I am not offended at all if people choose to ignore these awards. -Jean

El said...

It's hard to believe that lovely flower is blooming in winter. I'm so sorry to hear about your hen. You gave her a good life. May she rest in peace.

Jami Creager said...

I just have to comment briefly ( still looking around, and very happy to have stumbled on your site!) that your photography is absolutely beautiful. Fantastic work :)

a tasteful garden said...

thanks so much Jami for your very kind words. i'm so happy you stopped by! cheers :) Allison

a tasteful garden said...

hi Jean! wow, thank you SO much for the lovely shout out. i truly am honored to be amongst such a great group of folks. take care!

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