Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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yum!... The gardens are cranking out their delicious treats on a daily basis now. A quick stroll in the tomato patch late this afternoon yielded two pounds of Super Sweet 100s and Juliet plums. On a very happy note, it looks like we nipped last month's blight in the bud.
I'mll be growing Teide Red Summer Crisp and Flashy Trout Back lettuces again next year. Both add such beauty to the garden beds, but also hold fairly steady in the summer heat. Looking forward to the cooler days of autumn, I sowed some Mesclun, Black Seeded Simpson, and Winter Density Bibb. It'll be pretty cool to try to see if I can harvest into the winter.
Harvested my first beets. Not quite sure what to do with them yet as I'm a beet newbie. I'm a firm believer in the simplicity of a simple roasting tossed with olive oil, sea salt and crushed pepper, but it has been too darn hot to even consider turning on the oven. Any suggestions?

If the carrots keep growing like they have been, we're going to be harvesting carrots right into December. We've been feasting on the sweet Scarlet Nantes all summer. The Nelsons are next in line for the picking, followed by some Mokum for the fall.
Been bean season these past two weeks. I just pulled out the last of the Fortex pole beans from the ground. Their bounty came on fast and all at once with their production falling off fairly shortly after the initial harvest. Mind you, that initial harvest yielded several pounds of beans, so those plants definitely carried their weight.

The Masai Haricot Verts have been a mainstay on our table, gracing everything from salads to saut├ęs. Right next door, the Indy Golds have transformed into their waxy yellow hue.
Unfortunately, my timing of my dill and cucumber plantings was off. The dill pretty much has been ready for pickling since early July, but my cukes got a bit of a late start and are only starting to come around now. I love using fresh dill sprigs in my refrigerator pickle recipe, but I'll have to settle for their seeds which isn't too shabby either.

I hope all of your gardens are growing well. It's been so much fun to read everyone's blogs and see who's harvesting what where. I'm definitely getting inspired reading about some of the cool veggie varieties folks are growing. It's going to make seed shopping this winter that much more expensive ;)


El said...

Are you lucky or what? We lost our veggie garden when we moved so I'm living vicariously through yours. I agree on the beets. Simple is better but I do like them with feta or goat cheese.

meemsnyc said...

I just starting eating beets because of our garden too. I like to saute them in a pan with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. It is delicious. You can also eat the beet greens! Cooked the same way. The greens have a peppery taste, similar to argula.

Gifts of Serendipity said...

What a bountiful harvest...YUM!
How about you snap on some kitchen gloves over your green fingers [to avoid the inevitable stains] and grate your beets to include with an outdoor grilled burger?
x Felicity

Carol said...

Yummy! You do indeed have the most 'tasteful garden!'
I am so jealous with my veggie garden all weeds since the rabbits have eaten all except those unwanted plants. Enjoy!! Thanks for sharing your rich edibles. Wonderful photos!

GrafixMuse said...

So happy to see ripe tomato picture on your blog!!! I am sorry you lost your deck tomatoes, but I think you saved your others with their sacrifice.

I am taking notes of the lettuce varieties you are growing that are heat tolerant in our area. I am in a lettuce void right now just when cucumbers, green peppers, and tomatoes are abundant.

Shyrlene said...

Allison - I'm salivating just looking at your 'harvest' so far! I just plowed through half a dozen small tomatoes as a late nite snack!! Summer Nirvana.... tomorrow, it's a BLT minus the "B"! :D

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