Thursday, April 23, 2009

recycle | soda bottle cloches

recycle bin cloches... Sure, I love the aesthetics of those beautiful glass cloches, but I certainly do not like the price. Honestly, who can afford to pepper their garden with those? Believe it or not, you have the perfect garden cloche right in your recycle bin. Being a Maine gardener often means that warmer weather plants like tomatoes and peppers have to wait until the first week of June to be transplanted outside. Using a simple 2-liter soda bottle allows me to bump up that date by a week or two and ensures that my precious little seedlings will thrive, regardless of the outside temp. On those really cold days, keep the cap on your cloche. On warmer days, take the cap off and continue this cycle until the weather and soil temps are good enough to go cloche-free. For more detailed instructions, check out Garden Gate magazine's step-by-step info for making your own soda bottle cloche.

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